John Dinse

June 26, 1925 - July 14, 2016

Mr. Dinse began practice with the firm in 1950 and served as managing partner for 25 years. Although he retired from active practice in 1993, he remained active as Counsel to the firm, and regularly consulted with attorneys in the firm on legal issues. Mr. Dinse also remained active in civic, cultural and professional activities, and was frequently involved in the mediation of civil disputes.

During his 43 years of active practice, Mr. Dinse was one of Vermont's pre-eminent trial lawyers. His litigation practice included trials in all state and federal courts, focusing particularly on the defense of medical malpractice, product liability and other insured claims.

Mr. Dinse was a leader in the profession, serving as President of the Vermont Bar Association (1978-79) and President and Chair of the Defense Research Institute (1980-1981), among many other leadership positions.

Mr. Dinse also served for many years as general counsel of Middlebury College and Medical Center Hospital of Vermont, and his experience in the educational and health care fields provides a foundation for the firm's current practice in these areas.